Maya 2012 - From Copan to Penn

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Anastasia: Introduction

My name is Anastasia Matijkiw and I’m a senior at Penn, majoring in Near Eastern Languages and Civilizations and minoring in photography. I’m planning to get my masters after I graduate from Penn in Archives and Records Management. Although my areas of study are not directly related to the Maya, I’m highly interested in learning more about their culture while also further exploring the inner workings of museums.
As a part of the team, I’ll be maintaining a separate photo blog that will explore the exhibits’ process in its final stages. It will begin with the exhibit space as it is being built through to the opening, including a variety of behind the scenes images. The blog will feature not only my own photos, but images from the Penn Museum’s Archives that will help to tell the story of Copan. Along with this blog, I’ll be helping to compile a master database for the objects in the exhibit.

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