Maya 2012 - From Copan to Penn

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Rosa: Introduction

Hello! My name is Rosa De Armas and I am Master’s student in the History of Art department at Penn. Working in the exhibition Maya 2012: Lords of Time is an exciting opportunity that will let me increase my training in museums, while also learning more about Maya civilization.   

The exhibition will focus on the speculation of the end of times, an idea that derives from the completion of the Maya calendrical cycle. It will introduce visitors to Maya culture and their views of time, connecting past events with contemporary ones.

At the moment I am in Copan assisting curator Loa Traxler with the phodocumentation of the objects that will be taken to Philadelphia, to be exhibited in May at the Penn Museum.  In the next days we will immerse more deeply in the world of the Maya by working with objects excavated from royal tombs by the Penn Museum. Get ready to get a glimpse of our experience in Copan and learn more about the Maya. 

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